About us.

#Our video production team helps brands & people tell their story


Matteo has more than thirty years of experience in the European filmmaking industry. He began his journey working in the family business, a photography studio, when he was still a schoolboy. He is now an Emmy Award nominee with work recognised by leading industry figures.

His practical experience encompasses the full filmmaking spectrum, from documentaries to music videos and international commercials. His live filming experience extends to concerts and sporting events.


Sinta's 28 years of industry experience started on the other side of the camera. As an actor, dancer and model, she travelled the world, working on screen and stage and in print media. This journey led her to London's West End, where her segue into Production was a logical one.

She expanded her network and experience on a variety of projects until in 2015, she took her next major step in founding Sintasworld Productions, and has been a part of FILMPRO since 2019.

Sinta is there to bridge the gap between the technical and the creative whilst her focus is always on delivering an exceptional journey for the client.


FILMPRO founder Matteo Passigato started his journey and passion for cameras and making visuals of peoples stories as a little boy working in the family business, a photographic retailing shop.

Since the little age of 6 Matteo passionately spent all his free time helping his parents in their studio, propped up on Apple boxes being too small to see, yet curious to experience all the action.

Matteo and his father went on wedding shoots together, developing photographs in the dark room and servicing cameras. Having had the opportunity to experiment with large format Still cameras at the studio, Matteo developed a wish to express himself through motion film.

Unable to fund his movie making dreams, Matteo decided that to better understand the nature of light and how we perceive images, he would study Optometry and Physics.

Whilst completing his diploma he sought out internships with Italian broadcast and film studios, practising and learning his art, then in 1992 at the age of 20 Matteo completed his first professional commercial shot in 35mm and shown on the big screen. Written, produced, directed and edited by Matteo himself.

Matteo’s potential and unique talents soon came to the attention of Established Film director Luca Nonni who took the young filmmaker under his wing teaching him priceless industry knowledge and knowhow, whilst becoming a friend and mentor for life.

Matteo began travelling the world with Luca and was soon working to the highest levels of his craft attracting world famous brands and big movie stars.

With the Primetime Emmy nomination for outstanding Camera work in 2002, a little boy's dream became reality. After the Nomination Matteo spent almost a decade enjoying and filming the jet set of the international Music scene.

When the digital motion picture camera system revolution changed the world of cinematography in 2007, FILMPRO was at the forefront in Italy offering these new technologies in their service.

From there it has been our vision to offer the professional filming experience with the latest available technology and nice people.