Large Studio Space of about 600 square metres.
The continuous cove is 15 metres wide, 6 metres high and a depth of 22 metres, with a large drive through entrance. Also present is a fully equipped joinery of 130 square metres for set building, both for the theatre and commercial productions.
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Biggest Light & Grip Rental in the Bologna region of Italy.
Movieland is a company founded in the early 1990s to meet the needs of the film, television and advertising market in Bologna and its province. Located in the same space as the FILMPRO head office are our trusted partners.

The wide range of lighting products available at Movieland consists of halogen and daylight projectors, fluorescent lights, such as kino flo neon banks, available in various sizes and all the necessary accessories. For grip Movieland provide a comprehensive selection of dollies and cranes. Movieland is also able to supply different types of transportable silenced generators.
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